Agile Project and Team Engagement

Enable your colleagues to confer and exchange real time feedback on project and meeting effectiveness.



 Intelligence for Teams: Feedback to Insights to Learning

Project Feedback

Keep your team on track with weekly project check-ins.  

* Create a project team

* Use one of our existing templates of project questions or create your own

* Set how often you want to poll your team

Each week team managers can view a detailed report with analytics on how their team is progressing.

Development Feedback

Enable team members to improve their skills with quick simple feedback from colleagues.  

Each employee can ask for feedback from colleagues about a specific meeting or presentation or deliverable.

Team members will be sent a poll with questions on how the person performed across skills ranging from leadership to alignment, scheduling, deadlines, delegating, and communication.

The employee can track their performance over time.

Team & Manager Check-Ins

Enable team members to conduct online frequent check-ins with their managers using a suite of templates focused on project performance, development, learning, and career paths.


Enable custom surveys of employees including 360 degree surveys and organization polls.

Learning Guides

Advance learning within your team and organization with an easy to author learning platform.  Using the platform employees are enabled to create learning guides tied to key development areas.  Accelerate learning in your organization by starting with a set of 100 plus learning guides.  


Automated Team & Work Insights

Email Insights

Enable your employees with visibility into their work habits. By analyzing email activity, employees can see detailed reports of their email activity to certain team members, outside groups, and external partners.  Employees can also see how much time is spent on email during and outside of normal business hours.

  • Hours on Email During Working Hours
  • Hours on Email After Working Hours

Meeting Insights

Enable your employees to see how much time they spend in meetings and rate the effectiveness of their meetings.  Employees are enabled to see automated reports based on the time spent in meetings with peers within their team, outside their team, across the organization, and with external partners.

  • Meetings Within Team
  • Meetings Outside Team

Setup and installations is as fast.  Simply sign up for the hosted service and your organization is ready to get started.


For organizations up to 10 users, the service is entirely free.  Organizations over 10 users is simply $5 per user per month.


The platform works seamless along with your existing human resource platforms.  Data can be downloaded or imported into your existing platforms.


All survey responses are only displayed in aggregated form so as to provide anonymity to participants.


Choose best options that fits your needs

Free Up to 10 users

  • Free for your first 10 users
  • Project Surveys
  • Skill Feedback
  • Team One on Ones
  • 360 Surveys
  • Employee Polls
Corporate: 10+ Users
$5 Per Month Per User

  • $5 per user (10+ users)
  • Project Surveys
  • Skill Feedback
  • Team and Manager One on Ones
  • 360 Surveys
  • Employee Polls

  • $5 per user (10+ users)
  • Project Surveys
  • Skill Feedback
  • Team and Manager One on Ones
  • 360 Surveys
  • Employee Polls
  • Work Insights including meeting and email analytics
  • Consulting and Support
  • Integration Support into Existing Systems

Get Started for Free

Sign up your project, team, or company now.  Your first 10 users are free.  After that it is just $5 per user per month.